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Final 2007 Conference Rankings

13 Aug

Using my objective ranking system, I tracked each non-conference game each week.  Below is the final conference rankings for the 2007 college football season.

  1. SEC            1.383
  2. Big 10       1.153
  3. Big East    1.130
  4. Big 12        1.125
  5. Pac 10      1.027
  6. ACC           1.017
  7. Mt. West  0.700
  8. WAC          -.075
  9. C-USA      -.309
  10. MAC         -.312
  11. Sun Belt  -.439

Hello College Football World!

13 Aug

Which major college football conferences are the strongest, and which are the weakest?  There are all kinds of opinions out there, but I don’t have to tell you the value of opinions, now do I?  Something about armpits, or some such reference to the body.

Anyway, let’s move on and I’ll tell you why I created this new ranking system.  Frankly, I got tired of all the talking heads stating opinions as facts.  Plus, I was curious to find out where the non-BCS conferences stood when compared to the BCS conferences.  How strong was the Mountain West Conference the last few years?  Is the Big East really as weak as the talking heads claim?

“Wait!”, you say.  “Isn’t this just your opinion?”  I can honestly answer no.  What good would it do me to come up with a ranking system based on my opinion?  I wanted real answers, not the kind that would leave me as empty-headed as all those talking heads who claim to be experts.

I devised this ranking system all the way back in 2007 and kept it just between me and my son.  Then, in 2008 I shared it with a few friends.  They liked it because it was objective.  I couldn’t favor my own conference (Big East) simply because I wanted my team (West Virginia) to look better.  It’s hard to argue against an objective ranking system, unless you’re just spouting a baseless opinion, that is.

So here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to post the rankings beginning with 2007, and then build up to the start of the season until we get to the 2010 season.   Then, I’ll rank the conferences each week according to my objective ranking system.

Now, let’s get on with it!