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Final 2012 Conference Rankings

8 Jan

I was very disappointed in the outcome of these rankings because the SEC overtook the Big 12 to win the title of best college football conference in America.  You may say, “of course,” but until bowl season the Big 12 was the best conference.  Besides, everyone is always saying just how mighty the SEC is, when they’re not always the top conference.  That’s why when they overtook the Big 12, I was disappointed.

A few observations about the rankings.  Once again, the ACC resumed its spot at the bottom of the BCS AQ conferences.  Perception wise I’m sure everyone thinks the Big East is the worst conference; however, the ACC has traditionally been the worst of the AQ conferences.  The Sun Belt gave up their regular spot as the worst BCS conference.  This year that dubious title goes to C-USA, despite their strong bowl season showing.

Bowl season showed the SEC to be the best conference, and they were dominate enough to finish first in the rankings.   Three AQ conferences improved their scores during the bowl season – the SEC and Big East and ACC.  While the Big 12, Big 10 and Pac 12 saw their score reduced as a result of on-the-field results.  It appears the moral of that story is for conferences not to have numbers in their name.  Which makes sense since they can’t seem to count anyway.  Ask the Big 12 and Big 10 about that.

1.  SEC              1.460

2.  Big 12          1.289

3.  Big 10         0.890

4.  Pac 12         0.860

5.  Big East      0.795

6.  ACC             0.574

7.  WAC            0.295

8.  MAC            0.254

9.  Sun Belt      0.000

10. MWC          -.282

11. C-USA         -.425