So, why do I call this an objective conference ranking?  The answer is simple.  My opinion on conference strength, or individual team strength within conferences does not come into play.  If it did, then these rankings would be tainted by a bias based on what possibly could be false assumptions.  A ranking system without opinion, bias or false assumptions, would be a truly objective ranking system.

So then, how do I determine values for conferences to be able to use a mathematical formula?  I don’t want to go into detail to reveal just how I do this, but suffice it to say the value exists already as determined by the NCAA and colleges from across the nation.

By using this very simple formula, I am able to objectively rank the conferences against each other based on game results only.  Conference realignment does not skew the results.  The teams within a conference are not assigned values because this ranking isn’t about teams, it’s about conferences.  Therefore, when Colorado went from the Big 12 to the Pac 12, it had no affect on the rankings since now Colorado’s on field results affect the Pac 12 and not the Big 12.

What if a team from a BCS conference loses to a FCS team, would that hurt more than if they had lost to another BCS team?  The answer is yes.  Conversely, beating a BCS conference team is more valuable than beating a FCS team.  Again, values are not determined by teams, but by the conference those teams are part of.

Who am I, you ask?  I’m a fan of the game who pondered the strength of conferences based on real results, and not based on a perception created by the media.  We all know the BCS conferences are considered the best, but are they really?  And who is stronger, the MAC or Conference USA?  My ranking system answers all these questions without the influence of media bias, or even my own personal bias.

Let on the field results determine which is the better conference.


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