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2012 Conference Rankings Week 14

4 Dec

The regular season is over and now it’s time for the bowl season.  There were no changes in the rankings, but a few numbers did change.  Of course, the news of the bowl season is that Northern Illinois has bashed the BCS party and will play the champion of the ACC in the Orange Bowl.  The question everyone seems to be asking is if the MAC champion deserves to the bid to play the ACC champion.

Let’s look at the numbers for a second and see how the MAC measures up against the ACC.  The MAC point total stands at 0.384, while the ACC stands at 0.458.  That’s a difference of only 0.074.  That’s really a very small difference in the power of the conferences, so it seems to me that Florida State is going to get a better battle than most people think.

I’m looking forward to the bowl season to see how the conferences do against each other in well matched games.  We should see the more powerful conferences dominate the less powerful, but as they say in football, “On any given day….”

Week Fourteen Conference Rankings

1.  Big 12          1.448

2.  SEC             1.375

3.  Big 10         1.000

4.  Pac 12         0.914

5.  Big East     0.717

6.  ACC            0.458

7.  MAC           0.384

8.  WAC           0.214

9.  Sun Belt     0.000

10. MWC          -.166

11. C-USA         -.612