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CFB Conference Rankings Week 6 of 2012

8 Oct

We only had one position change this week as few out of conference games were played.  The ACC has resumed its position in last of the six BCS conferences.  None of the top four conferences played out of conference games this week.  To me, the surprising conference is the Sun Belt.  After six weeks, not only are they not at the bottom where they had always been, but their score is in the positive end of the spectrum.  That’s quite an accomplishment.

On the other end of that surprise is the Mountain West Conference which has traditionally been the leading non-BCS conference.  They are ranked tenth and their score is in the negative side of the spectrum.

So what do we know after six weeks?  The Big 12 is still the best conference and Conference USA is the worst.  The ACC is still the worst BCS conference and not the Big East, as just about everyone with an opinion would claim.

Week Six Conference Rankings

1.  Big 12          1.535

2.  SEC             1.216

3.  Big 10         1.063

4.  Pac 12         1.000

5.  Big East     0.800

6.  ACC            0.675

7.  WAC           0.470

8.  MAC           0.272

9.  Sun Belt     0.142

10. MWC          -.175

11. C-USA         -.630


Conference Ranking Week 5 of 2012

6 Oct

This college football season the sports media has been bashing the Big 10.  However, according to my objective conference rankings, the Big 10 is the third ranked conference in the nation.  The sports media continues to give love to the SEC; however, the mighty SEC is in second place, not first.  As we have seen in the Presidential race, the media often creates a perception which doesn’t always hold up when their favored candidate goes head to head with the candidate of disfavor.  When Romney beat Obama head to head in the first debate, it showed that perception does not always match reality.  The same holds true in college football when out of conference games are played and teams from “lesser” conferences beat teams from the “favored” conferences.  On field results are all that matters in these objective conference rankings – as it should be.

A few more things to point out as we near the half-way point in the season is the strength of the WAC and Sun Belt this year.  The Sun Belt has been the doormat in all the years this ranking has been complied; however, this year their numbers are on the positive end of the scale, and that’s a tremendous improvement.  It seems that Conference USA has traded places with the Sun Belt and has been trending down the last three weeks.  Even the once mighty, as a non-BCS conference, Mountain West has slipped down the ladder.

The fun part of keeping these rankings is finding out how conferences are doing this year, because since these rankings are objective, my opinion has no affect.  Before I give the rankings; though, I need to apologize for posting Week 5 on the day we are playing week 6.  I guess that’s what happens when you spend the week in an area with no computer or internet connections even if you had one.  Week 6 won’t be so late.

Week Five Conference Rankings

1.  Big 12          1.535

2.  SEC             1.216

3.  Big 10         1.063

4.  Pac 12         1.000

5.  ACC            0.789

6.  Big East     0.758

7.  WAC           0.580

8.  MAC           0.302

9.  Sun Belt     0.151

10. MWC          -.194

11. C-USA         -.666