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Week Four Conference Rankings 2012

24 Sep

There has been some shifting this week, mainly all toward the bottom of the rankings.  The Big East fell mightly with their losses this week, and the Western Athletic Conference continues to surprise by gaining ground to the point they passed the Big East.  Louisiana Tech’s blowout of Illinois was a strong win for the conference.

The Big 12 continues to lead the rankings, but the SEC closed some of the ground this week, even though they remain far behind the Big 12.

Week Four Conference Rankings

1.  Big 12          1.535

2.  SEC             1.259

3.  Big 10         1.043

4.  Pac 12         1.000

5.  ACC            0.909

6.  WAC           0.538

7.  Big East      0.454

8.  MAC           0.317

9.  Sun Belt     0.000

10. MWC          -.030

11. C-USA         -.594


Week Three Conference Rankings

18 Sep

Last week I warned that once more games are played, the conference rankings would probably go through changes and shake out to look more like what we’re used to.  This week you will see that is true, with a few exceptions near the bottom among the non-BCS Conferences.  The Sun Belt continues to perform better on the field than expected, and the Mountain West Conference continues to hover lower than normal.  Plus, the Western Athletic Conference appears to be ready to go out on a bang.

Among the BCS Conferences, things look much more normal with the ACC falling to their usual spot at number six, thanks to losing to several Big East Schools.  The Big East has had a perception problem which these objective rankings don’t bear out, but time will tell whether conference realignment dooms the conference.

Week Three Conference Rankings

1.  Big 12          1.541

2.  SEC             1.172

3.  Big 10         1.083

4.  Pac 12         1.000

5.  Big East      0.888

6.  ACC             0.884

7.  WAC            0.473

8.  Sun Belt      0.040

9.  MAC            0.031

10. MWC          -.037

11. C-USA         -.586

Conference Rankings Week Two

18 Sep

Being out-of-town where their internet is down makes it difficult to post on time.  However, better late than never, so here’s week two, which will be followed quickly by week three.  It’s still early in the season, so expect the conference standings to move around a lot until a larger number of games have been played.

I say that because some conferences are in unfamiliar territory.  The ACC, which has historically been the lowest ranked BCS Conference, has climbed to number 2, and the Sun Belt is at number 8.  The Sun Belt Conference has never been ranked that high before, so lets see how long they can maintain that lofty, for them, position.

When you have some ranked higher than normal, it follows that others are ranked lower than normal.  Namely, we are talking about the SEC and Conference USA.  After two weeks to see the SEC ranked fourth is surprising.  Perception wise, they are the best conference in college football.  However, in reality, at this point they’re only the fourth best conference in football.  The best conference continues to be the Big 12.   No wonder Missouri and Texas A&M left for the SEC.  Everyone thinks they’ll do bad, but I suspect they’ll do better than anyone anticipates simply because the Big 12 is stronger than the subjective thinkers realize.


Week Two Conference Rankings

1.  Big 12          1.470

2.  ACC            1.222

3.  Pac 12         1.181

4.  SEC             1.105

5.  Big 10         0.875

6.  WAC           0.615

7.  Big East      0.461

8.  Sun Belt     0.333

9.  MAC           -.083

10. MWC          -.333

11. C-USA         -.650

Week One 2012

3 Sep

The 2012 college football season has finally started and almost all the games were non-conferences matches.  That means I have a lot of games to tally and new teams to look out for which are now at the FBS level.  I’m not even sure where Texas State is, but they’re now part of an FBS conference, so  before you think a team has played a cupcake from a lower division, you may want to check out the conference standings to see who is now part of the “big boys.”

Just like any race, a person can’t really predict a winner after the first few yards, and I’m sure the rankings will change as the season goes on, but besides the Big 12 standing alone at the top, the other conferences seem to be a bit out of their usual order.  The SEC is ranked fourth and the Sun Belt is ninth.  The Sun Belt has never been ranked that high.  Of course, they can thank Conference USA for losing some games to them and creating a big hole that C-USA will have a hard time digging themselves out of.

The fun thing about doing these rankings is that I’m as surprised as anyone else about how these conferences end up where they are.  That’s the good thing about having a ranking system that I don’t have to interject my own opinion into.  So here we go with the first conference rankings of 2012.

Week One Conference Rankings

1.  Big 12          1.666

2.  Big 10          1.250

3.  ACC             1.125

4.  SEC             1.090

5.  Pac 12         0.909

6.  Big East      0.714

7.  MWC           0.400

8.  WAC            0.333

9.  Sun Belt      -.333

10. MAC           -.363

11. C-USA        -.916